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Numerous colleges and universities offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science, network security, web development, technology management, telecommunications, and information systems that can be earned online.

A Career in Computers & Technology
Information technology (IT) specialists must possess extensive technical skills, be educated, and be effective planners. Organizations value IT employees with these qualities. Since this field is constantly changing, IT specialists must also understand fundamental business concepts and stay current with new technology to excel in this industry.

Career Options in Technology and IT
Similar to technological changes, jobs within the IT field frequently change. The best job opportunities in this field are typically filled by individuals with technical skills and business experience.

Therefore, it’s invaluable to have business and technical knowledge to excel in an IT career. Professionals with well-rounded skills will have better job opportunities and earn more money. The following are professions that should experience rapid growth through the next 10 years:

  • IT consultant
  • IT project manager
  • Software programmers, developers, and engineers
  • IT specialists
  • Computer networking system engineer

IT Employment Outlook and Salary Potential

Job growth in the information technology industry is expanding rapidly, so IT specialists will enjoy excellent job opportunities and annual salaries through the near future. During 2006, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 264,000 computer and information systems managers were employed throughout the United States, with nearly 25 percent of workers specializing in computer systems development. Job growth for computer and information systems managers is expected to grow by 16 percent until 2016.

Annual salaries for IT professionals are affected by job duties, geographic region, professional certifications, and specialty. During 2007, median annual earnings for computer and information systems managers exceeded $108,000.

Prospective Technology Degrees and Coursework

Although it would seem companies only hire IT specialists because of their technical skills, those with customer service and business skills will have an edge over other applicants. Many IT firms require specialists to provide customer support or participate with business operations.

Many organizations are constantly recruiting individuals with bachelor’s degrees in information technology, computer science, and computer programming. Numerous master’s degrees in IT specialties are available to students interested in learning new skills and knowledge. In fact, many schools are now offering master’s of business administration (MBA) degrees with emphasis in information technology. This is a great option for IT professionals interested in developing business skills.

Online Technology Career Training Options

The following training programs available online will be in demand through the near future:

  • Project management: Project+, Project Management Institute’s (PMI), and CompTIA
  • Networking and support: CCNA certification, MCDST, and A+
  • Microsoft’s SharePoint 2007 Security and Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Virtualization: Microsoft and VMware

Many students improve technical skills by earing IT and other technical degrees online. Additionally, many students benefit from the convenience of online training programs, and they typically develop analytical skills, which are highly valued by most organizations.

Online Degrees in Software Development and Computer Science

Online degrees in computer programming, software development and computer science provided by accredited universities and colleges:

Computer and Software Engineering - Online graduate and undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering
Computer Programming - Bachelor and Masters degrees in Computer Programming, Systems Design and more
Computer Science - Associate, Bachelor, and Master degree programs in Applied Computer Science and Computer Science

Online Degrees in Computer Information Systems Operation and Management

Online degree programs in computer information systems and technology provided by accredited universities and colleges:

Information Assurance - Graduate and undergraduate degrees in Information Assurance
Information Systems - Bachelor and Masters degrees in Information Systems and Information Systems Security and Management
Information Technology - Graduate and undergraduate degrees in Information Technology
Technology Management - Information technology management and technical management degree programs
Vendor Certifications - Vendor specific IT certifications in Database Systesm, Database Technology, Information Security, Programming, Computer Networking and more

Online Degrees in Networking

Online degree programs in network administration and computer networking provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Computer Networking - Network Technology, Network Architecture and Administration and more
Network Administration - Computer network administration degrees and certifications
Network Security - Network Security degrees and certifications
Telecommunications - Online degree programs in Telecommunications and Telecommunications Management

Online Degrees in Web Design and Internet Development

Online and distance learning degree programs in Web Design and Internet Development Technologies from accredited universities and colleges:

Internet Technologies - Internet Computing and Internet Technologies degrees, certificates and coures
Web Development - Degrees in Web Development, Web Technologies, Web Application Development and more
Web Design - Degrees in Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Multimedia and more

Online Degrees in Graphic Design and Multimedia

Online degrees in computer graphics, multimedia, computer animation and more from accredited colleges and universities:

Graphics & Multimedia - Undergraduate degrees in Graphic Design, Multimedia Development, Computer Animation and more
Video Game Programing - Video Game Software Development and Computer Game Programming
Game Design - Degrees in Game Art Design and Game Software Development

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