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Numerous online colleges and universities offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics, history, behavioral science, women’s studies, political science, sociology, psychology, human services, etc.

Social Science Careers

Specialties within the field of social science include behavioral science, economics, history, political science, geography, psychology, women’s studies, sociology, library science, theology, urban and regional planning, human services, market research, etc. Students earning social science degrees learn about human interaction, cultural changes, and factors influencing human behavior.

Social Science Degrees and Career Training

Many jobs in the field of social science are filled by individuals holding graduate degrees. Social science jobs are typically research intensive, so social scientists must be able to effectively collect data and develop theories. To gather data, these specialists often conduct interviews, distribute questionnaires, and conduct lab experiments. To be effective, social scientists must have effective analytical skills, so students earning social science degrees must complete courses in quantitative research, math, and statistics. Before graduating, social scientists often complete internships or gain work experience at non-profit organizations, government agencies, or museums.

Online Social Science Degrees

You can develop writing, analytical, and critical reasoning skills by earning an online degree in the social sciences. Many working professionals opt to earn online degrees, so they can continue working while completing their education. Although many believe their job opportunities are limited by earning social science degrees, many organizations highly value graduates of social science degree programs since students develop writing and analytical skills. However, fewer opportunities are available to individuals holding bachelor’s degrees, but many people holding them find entry-level jobs as market analysts and personal assistants. For this reason, it’s advantageous to earn a graduate degree to enhance job opportunities and earning potential. Many graduates with bachelor’s degrees gain some work experience before returning to school.

Social Science Job Opportunities

During 2006, 18,000 social science professionals were employed nationwide. Many work as teachers and researchers, but this differs by discipline. For example, historians typically spend more time teaching than conducting research. As with most professions, job opportunities and salaries are better for those holding graduate degrees. To illustrate, during 2007, professionals holding bachelor’s degrees earned entry-level salaries between $28,862 – 35,572 annually, while professionals holding master’s degrees begin their careers earning $43,731 a year. Professionals with doctorate degrees earn entry-level salaries exceeding $52,000 annually. Combining graduate-level education with applicable work experience is one way to earn a higher annual salary. Additionally, salaries are affected by specialty. For example, political scientists earn median salaries of more than $90,000, while historians earn more than $54,000 annually.

The following are disciplines within the social sciences:

  • Economics
  • Market Research
  • Research Analyst
  • Urban Planning
  • Geography
  • History
  • Library Science
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology
  • Religion
  • Sociology
  • Theology

Online Degrees in Counseling & Psychology

Online degrees in psychology and counseling provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Behavioral Science- Behavioral Analysis, Behavioral Science and more
Counseling- Marriage and Family Counseling, Addiction Counseling, School Counseling, Pastoral Care and more
Psychology- Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Sport Psychology, Organizational Psychology and more

Online Degrees in Sociology & Social Services

Online degrees in sociology, social services and human services provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Human Services- Online Degrees in Human Services, Social Policy Analysis, Health Care, Community Services and more
Social Sciences- Social Sciences Degrees with concentrations in sociology, economics, psychology and more
Sociology- Online Degree programs in Sociology

Online Social Science Degree Programs

Online degrees in economics, history, politics, journalism and more from accredited universities and colleges:

Economics- Degrees in Strategy and Economics, Business Economics, Political Economy and more
History- Associate, Bachelor and Masters Degree Programs in History
Journalism & Communications- Degrees in Strategic Communications, Writing, Journalism, Media Management and more
Political Science- Online Degrees in International Relations, Political Science, Military Science, Diplomacy and more

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