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If you aspire to work in a scientific field there are many science degrees that can be obtained online.

Numerous science degrees, including information systems, agriculture, computer science, and environmental science, are available online. More generalized degrees, such as physics, chemistry, and biology, can also be completed online. Sub-specialties in generalized fields, including astronomy, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, are increasingly becoming available online. There are numerous other science-related degrees now being offered by online colleges and universities.

Online Education in the Sciences

Science degree programs at all levels, including the certificate level, can be obtained online. Those with science degrees have many career options to choose from. For example, professionals with biology degrees often find jobs as cellular and microbiologists and scientific researchers. Those with certificates can qualify to work as medical lab technicians and assistants.

Most employers hiring science professionals prefer filling entry-level positions with individuals holding bachelor or graduate degrees. University professors and researchers typically hold doctorate degrees. Required courses for science degrees differ by major, but students enrolled in these programs usually complete courses in engineering, computer science, chemistry, and physics. However, most science degree programs are very challenging. To be successful, you’ll have to plan carefully and manage time effectively.

The Job Market for Science

There are numerous opportunities for science specialists, so annual salaries are usually affected by specialty. During 2007, laboratory technicians earned annual salaries averaging $45,000, while chemists made about $60,000 annually.

Since many people apply for research and teaching jobs, competition is fairly intense. However, competition for other jobs, such as laboratory technician positions, is not as intense since growth for these positions is projected to increase by 12 percent through 2016. Demand will be spurred by growth in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, and biotechnology industries.

Online Degrees in Earth Science and Natural Science

Online degrees in environmental and earth sciences provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Agriculture - Agronomy, Food Science, Farming, Ranching and more
Environmental Science - Wildlife Conservation, Environmental and Natural Resource Management and more

Online Degrees in Biology, Physics and Chemistry

Online degrees in science provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Aviation Science - Aviation, Aerospace Studies, Aviation Management, Aviation Flight Technology and more
Biology - Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and more
Biotechnology - Biomedical Informatics, Genetic Science and more
Chemistry - Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Materials Science, and more
Fire Science - Fire Investigation and Inspection, Fire Safety, Hazardous Materials, Fire Command and more
Mathematics & Statistics - Applied Statistics, Math Education, and more
Physics - Physics Education, Health and Medical Physics, Astronomy and more
Veterinary Science - Veterinary Technology, Veterinary Management and more

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