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Earning a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is a major achievement. It takes most Ph.D. students at least 5 years to successfully complete a program. However, the sacrifice is well worth it since those with a Ph.D. usually earn more money a year than workers with bachelor’s degrees. In fact, it has been estimated that those with a Ph.D. earn about $40,000 more annually than their colleagues with bachelor’s degrees.

Doctoral students are required to select a specialty to study. It takes about 2 years, or 4 semesters, to complete courses in their specialized field. After this is done, students are required to pass a test, which is used to determine whether they are ready to move on to the research phase of their Ph.D. program.

In addition to their coursework, Ph.D. students are required to conduct original research and report their conclusions in a multi-page dissertation. Ph.D. students are also required to defend their conclusions in front of a panel composed of professors. Once this is successfully completed, a student is awarded a Ph.D.

Popular Fields for Doctoral Study

Earning a Ph.D. through an online program will require the same time commitment and effort it takes to complete a traditional campus-program. All Ph.D. students are required to conduct original research and write a thesis or complete a residency lasting a year.

The following are popular Ph.D. programs that can be completed online:

  • Psychology (Ph.D., PsyD)
    Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) and Ph.D. programs in psychology can be completed online. Those earning PsyDs usually enter clinical practice, while graduates of Ph.D. programs in psychology often work at universities as researchers and professors. Students enrolled in these programs can opt to specialize in organizational, educational, counseling, or clinical psychology.
  • Education (Ph.D., EdD)
    Ph.D. students specializing in education often pursue careers as professors or school administrators. Those completing EdD programs often become principals at secondary and elementary schools.
  • Engineering (Ph.D., DCS)
    Online Ph.D. programs are available in most engineering fields. Many people earn doctor of computer science degrees (DCS). Popular doctor of engineering (DEng) programs include mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering.
  • Public Health(Ph.D., DPH)
    Many doctorate programs in public health can be completed online. Programs are available in community health, social health, and epidemiology. One of the most popular programs is the Doctor of Public Health (DPH) program.
  • Business (Ph.D, DBA)
    Earning a doctorate degree is difficult, but it’s a major life achievement that will open up many doors. Ph.D. students get the unique opportunity to contribute to the intellectual debate in their chosen field. The research conducted by Ph.D. students has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the advancement of science and civilization.

Online Doctorate and Ph.D. Degrees Available

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