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Why Get An Online MBA

Earning an MBA through a reputable online MBA program can help you gain the skills, knowledge, and credibility required to qualify for an array of new careers and advancement opportunities in a large variety of career fields. To accommodate busy and aspiring business professionals, there are an increasing amount of online MBA programs offered by accredited online and distance learning business colleges.

Top Reasons for Getting an Online MBA

Getting an online MBA allows you to:

  • Gain skills that will help you qualify for new career opportunities,
  • Make a career transition,
  • Qualify for a possible pay increase,
  • Get a promotion at a current job,
  • Understand how to set up and manage your own small business,
  • Develop expertise in a specific field,
  • Position yourself to be more marketable in the U.S. and international job market,
  • Build a network of professional contacts.

Improved Perceptions of Getting an MBA Online

Five to ten years ago, a degree from an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program was generally considered suspect by employers and thought of as less credible than a traditional, on-campus MBA degree. However, as schools have adopted online learning platforms in order to cater to the shifting needs and schedules of today’s working adult, we have seen a shift in not only the number of online MBA programs but also in the quality of program curriculum and accreditation and thus, the overall perception of online MBA programs.

While getting an MBA online is becoming more normal and as stereotypes of online programs are continuing to be broken, prospective MBA students still need to do their research with regards to which MBA program is best to attend. Each online MBA school is different in what they offer to students and they each seek to fulfill different needs and career goals.

If you are considering doing an online MBA program, the following information will help you make the best selection. The first section covers the benefits of earning an online MBA as well as what to consider. The second section covers the Top Online MBA Programs and Schools, which is especially valuable as you evaluate different business colleges.

Benefits of Earning An Online MBA

1. Accreditation and Curriculum

Benefits: According to a survey done by CEVA Logistics and American Public University System, one of the largest predictors of perceived employer credibility of an MBA is accreditation, which denotes curriculum. What accreditation means is that your MBA online program meets national or regional standards of what curriculum is taught and achieved by students in the program. Your degree will be fairly worthless In the eyes of an employer if the online MBA program wasn’t obtained through a regionally accredited program. The good news is that within the United States alone, there are now close to 186 AACSB accredited online MBA programs. An AACSB accredited school will not necessarily offer an accredited online MBA degree, however, if you ensure that accreditation has been achieved for the online MBA program, specifically, you are looking in the right direction.

What to Consider: There are many accredited MBA online programs with a curriculum that can meet your career goals and standards as well as those of future employers. Be sure that you investigate not just the accreditation of the business school you are interested in, but specifically the online MBA program that you are considering. Ensure the online program itself is regionally accredited by the AACSB.

2. Real-world Experience

Benefits: Another important thing to evaluate about an online MBA program is the real-world experience and the level of faculty and staff interaction the program allows. Successfully proving you are able to transition business theories into real world application is invaluable in the eyes of a future employer. Many employers appreciate the digital format of an online MBA program as business is increasingly conducted online and at a distance from coworkers and clients. Having earned a degree in this same format communicates having an understanding of successful digital communication.

What to Consider: Find out from staff, alumni, and department directors what level of emphasis the online MBA program places on giving its students real-world experiential opportunities.

3. Student to Faculty and Peer to Peer Interaction

Benefits: Regarding faculty and staff interaction, online programs may be able to offer students more instructor interaction than a traditional classroom. This is because of the ease of online course delivery and communication, as opposed to traditional programs where students typically wait until class time to communicate with the instructor. Quality online MBA programs provide educational opportunities through faculty and peer class interaction, mentoring, and networking. Some schools also offer online MBA students the opportunity to engage and network with each other through added in-person classes or multiple day conferences, which offer more opportunities for learning and networking in addition to what they can get through online discussion groups and communication. Online MBA programs also often incorporate virtual conferences.

What to Consider: Talk with previous students to see how much student to faculty and peer to peer communication took place during their courses. You will want to opt for instructors that have an open line of communication digitally, over the phone, and if on campus classes are required, in the classroom. You will also want to find a program that requires and encourages peer to peer communication and networking. As a side-note, it may also be helpful to investigate the online MBA instructors and staff to see where their experience and skills lie. You may find that there are multiple instructors at a certain school with strong backgrounds and expertise in a specific area of business that you really want to learn.

4. Affordability

Benefits: Many AACSB accredited MBA online programs provide a high quality and very demanding education at prices that are more equivalent to undergraduate college rates. According to the national AASCB database, the average in-state online MBA tuition is about $32,000 and the average out-of-state online MBA tuition is about $46,000. In addition, highly renowned business schools are beginning to offer affordable, 100% online MBA program access to in-state and out-of-state students for equivalent tuition rates. Traditional full-time on-campus MBA programs fluctuate between $45,000 – $127,000.

What to Consider: Check multiple online MBA programs and even on-campus MBA programs to see how the tuition prices compare. You should be able to get a high-quality online graduate education for between $28,000 – $42,000. Some schools will charge more, depending on their school’s brand, online MBA program perception, and what their program offers. If the brand of your MBA degree is something that you value on your resume and you believe it will help you be more marketable with future employers, it may be worth it to you to invest more money in this area.

5. Flexibility

Benefits: Building a career and managing your way through a full-time MBA program is not easy. Typical on-campus MBA degrees are earned in about 2 – 2.5 years and most will not allow you to work, or their executive or professional MBAs require long blocks of concentrated classes in the evenings and/or on Saturdays. Conversely, many schools offer online MBA programs that can be completed by going full-time in about 1.5 – 2 years or part-time in 3 – 5 years. The big draw here is that you are able to continue working and can fit your school demands around your career and life demands. With online classes, you can virtually take class instruction and work with you wherever you go and can complete it within your schedule.

What to Consider: As you evaluate your options, consider the duration and flexibility of the program. What kind of time do you have to commit to your MBA program? If your job is very demanding and you have family or other personal responsibilities that don’t allow you to spend more than 10-20 hours a week on an MBA, consider doing an online program where you have more control over the pace and concentration of your program. Additionally, you may consider talking with alumni of the program to ask how they were able to make the program fit with their lives and if they would have done it any differently. If your career is highly demanding, an online MBA program should allow you to adjust your school work around your work schedule.

6. Resources – Online and Offline

Benefits: This feature may be a moot point between online and on-campus programs, however, it is important when evaluating any type of MBA program and deems discussion. The online MBA programs typically offer very similar online and offline resources to their students compared to those resources offered by on-campus programs. This relates to academic advising, online professional resource access, and career placement services.

What to Consider: Online and offline resource access vary little between on-campus and online business schools as it does from school to school. Both types of schools offer their students free academic access to online programs to help facilitate learning, discussion, and assignments. Most schools also offer academic advising and career placement services. While online students may not be able to participate in these services in-person, most are still accessible via online, phone, or digital chat features.

Top MBA Online Programs Admissions Requirements

Admission requirements vary greatly from school to school and you should thoroughly investigate each online MBA program you are interested in to ensure you have the information they require. If you don’t, you’ll be wasting your time and money. The following list is the most general list of requirements by top online MBA degree programs.

Typical Admission Requirements

  • GMAT or GRE score to fall within a specified minimum range
  • Undergraduate GPA to fall within a specified range
  • Application essay
  • At least one, if not two, letters of recommendation
  • Minimum number years of previous business experience

Don’t want to take the GMAT?
Find MBA programs that don’t require the GMAT.

Online MBA Business and Accounting Programs With AACSB Accreditation 2015-2016

School NameAACSB Accred. StatusInst. ControlOffer M, genOffer M, spcIS Tuition – MBAOOS Tuition – MBA
Abilene Christian University, College of Business AdministrationBusinessPrivateXX $25,200 $25,200
American University, Kogod School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $79,710 $79,710
Arkansas State University, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $12,076 $20,658
Arkansas Tech University, School of BusinessBusinessPublicX $29,184 $54,240
Ashridge Business SchoolBusinessPrivateXX $32,500 $32,500
Aston University, Aston Business SchoolBusinessPublicXX $25,250 $25,250
Baltimore, University of, Robert G. Merrick School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $31,600 $42,976
Birmingham, University of, Birmingham Business SchoolBusinessPublicXX $22,590 $22,590
Bond University, Faculty of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $52,860 $52,860
Bradford, University of, School of ManagementBusinessPublicXX $25,500 $25,500
California State University, San Bernardino, College of Business and Public AdministrationBusinessPublicXX $13,899 $22,827
California State University, Stanislaus, College of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicX $24,330 $36,606
Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $121,536 $121,536
Central Arkansas, University of, College of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicXX $9,129 $16,420
Cincinnati, University of, Carl H. Lindner College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $31,437 $43,194
Clarion University of Pennsylvania, College of Business Administration and Information SciencesBusinessPublicX $22,407 $32,571
Clarkson University, Clarkson School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $55,956 $55,956
Colorado State University, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $36,016 $63,152
Colorado at Colorado Springs, University of, College of Bus and Admin and Grad School of Bus AdminBusinessPublicXX
Columbus State University, D. Abbott Turner College of BusinessBusinessPublicX $10,245 $32,745
Dallas, University of, College of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $37,500 $37,500
Dominican University, Brennan School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $51,300 $51,300
Drexel University, Bennett S. LeBow College of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $64,000 $64,000
Durham University, Durham University Business SchoolBusinessPublicXX $25,000 $25,000
East Carolina University, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $22,703 $56,340
Emporia State University, School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $11,196 $28,440
Fayetteville State University, School of Business and EconomicsBusinessPublicX
Florida Atlantic University, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $16,642 $46,080
Florida Gulf Coast University, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $13,442 $46,824
Frostburg State University, College of BusinessBusinessPublicX $17,568 $21,492
Georgia College & State University, J. Whitney Bunting School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX
Georgia Southwestern State University, School of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicX $8,484 $8,484
Governors State University, School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $12,207 $22,251
Houston-Victoria, University of, School of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicXX $20,890 $39,610
Illinois at Springfield, University of, College of Business and ManagementBusinessPublicXX $34,772 $62,452
Jacksonville State University, College of Commerce and Business AdministrationBusinessPublicX $11,730 $22,860
Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business SchoolBusinessPrivateXX $109,500 $109,500
Lamar University, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $17,600 $31,640
Longwood University, College of Business and EconomicsBusinessPublicX $20,196 $40,536
Marist College, School of ManagementBusinessPrivateX $36,200 $36,200
Maryland, University of, Robert H. Smith School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $89,110 $106,930
Massachusetts-Dartmouth, University of, Charlton College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $22,368 $32,405
Massachusetts-Lowell, University of, Manning School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $27,598 $48,956
Michigan-Dearborn, University of, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $39,813 $63,221
Michigan-Flint, University of, School of ManagementBusinessPublicXX $28,091 $34,559
Midwestern State University, Dillard College of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicX $10,529 $12,674
Morehead State University, College of Business and TechnologyBusinessPublicX $17,370 $17,370
Murray State Univ, The Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $28,920 $40,740
New Hampshire, University of, Peter T. Paul College of Business and EconomicsBusinessPublicXX $29,953 $43,953
New Jersey Institute of Technology, School of ManagementBusinessPublicXX $41,832 $57,600
North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of, Kenan-Flagler Business SchoolBusinessPublicXX $80,222 $115,018
North Dakota, University of, College of Business and Public AdministrationBusinessPublicXX $12,296 $28,795
Northeastern University, D'Amore-McKim School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $88,991 $88,991
Open University, Business SchoolBusinessPublicXX $16,965 $-
Otago, University of, Business SchoolBusinessPublicXX $37,440 $37,440
Pennsylvania State University at Erie, Behrend College, Sam and Irene Black School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $42,720 $65,060
Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business and ManagementBusinessPrivateXX $93,840 $93,840
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Centrum Catolica Graduate Business SchoolBusinessPrivateXX $22,700 $22,700
Prairie View A & M University, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX
Queens University of Charlotte, McColl School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX
Quinnipiac University, School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $45,310 $45,310
Radford University, College of Business and EconomicsBusinessPublicX $21,322 $39,722
Robert Morris University, School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $31,500 $31,500
Rochester Institute of Tech, Saunders College of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $82,504 $82,504
Rowan University, Rohrer College of BusinessBusinessPublicX $31,028 $31,028
Rutgers-State University of New Jersey-Camden, School of Business at CamdenBusinessPublicX $43,365 $70,791
SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Department of Business ManagementBusinessPublicXX $31,398 $51,346
Saginaw Valley State University, College of Business and ManagementBusinessPublicX $20,488 $38,542
Sam Houston State University, College of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicXX $14,055 $28,095
Scranton, University of, Arthur J. Kania School of ManagementBusinessPrivateXX $34,040 $34,040
Shippensburg University, John L. Grove College of BusinessBusinessPublicX $18,210 $25,620
South Dakota, University of, Beacom School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $13,462 $22,996
Southeast Missouri State University, Donald L. Harrison College of BusinessBusinessPublicX $9,785 $17,292
Southeastern Oklahoma State University, John Massey School of BusinessBusinessPublicX $11,880 $22,074
Southern Arkansas University, College of BusinessBusinessPublicX $18,996 $26,436
Southern University and A&M College, College of BusinessBusinessPublicX $28,884 $50,000
Southern Utah University, School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $13,206 $35,500
St. Thomas-Minnesota, University of, Opus College of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $67,400 $67,400
State University of New York at Oswego – School of BusinessBusinessPublicX $23,435 $33,890
Stevens Institute of Technology, School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $73,148 $73,148
Syracuse University, Martin J. Whitman School of ManagementBusinessPrivateXX $118,074 $118,074
Tennessee at Martin, University of, College of Business and Public AffairsBusinessPublicX $20,444 $49,894
Texas A&M University-Commerce, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $11,465 $22,085
Texas Southern University, Jesse H. Jones School of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $14,242 $24,642
Texas at Tyler, University of, College of Business and TechBusinessPublicXX
Texas of the Permian Basin, University of, College of Business and EngineeringBusinessPublicXX $12,140 $27,876
Texas-Rio Grande Valley, The University of, College of Business and EntrepreneurshipBusinessPublicXX $12,738 $26,778
The University of LiverpoolBusinessPublicXX $13,400 $13,400
Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona State UniversityBusinessPrivateXX
University of North AlabamaBusinessPublicX $12,421 $12,421
Valdosta State University, Harley Langdale, Jr. College of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicXX $10,450 $29,424
Virginia-Darden, University of, Darden School of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicX $116,300 $122,300
Warwick Business SchoolBusinessPublicXX $33,000 $33,000
West Chester University, College of Business and Public ManagementBusinessPublicX $16,260 $24,375
West Florida, University of, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $12,461 $34,229
West Texas A & M UniversityBusinessPublicXX $14,500 $16,800
Western New England University, College of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX
Widener University, School of Business AdministrationBusinessPrivateXX $33,056 $33,056
Wisconsin Oshkosh, University of, College of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicX $25,200 $40,470
Wisconsin-Eau Claire, University of, College of BusinessBusinessPublicX $15,777 $31,038
Wisconsin-La Crosse, University of, College of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicX $12,488 $24,900
Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of, College of Business and EconomicsBusinessPublicXX $18,236 $36,548
Worcester Polytech Institute, Robert A. Foisie School of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $67,584 $67,584
Wyoming, University of, College of BusinessBusinessPublicXX $22,525 $32,925
Xavier University, Williams College of BusinessBusinessPrivateXX $31,161 $31,161
Youngstown State University, Warren P. Williamson, Jr. College of Business AdministrationBusinessPublicX $19,890 $29,640
Akron, University of, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX25,48540,167
Alabama at Birmingham, University of, Collat School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX18,64340,934
Alabama, University of, Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX27,25262,100
Alaska Fairbanks, University of, School of ManagementBusiness and AccountingPublicXX17,05030,809
Arizona State University, W. P. Carey School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX53,24872,032
Arizona, University of, Eller College of ManagementBusiness and AccountingPublicXX53,60291,162
Arkansas, University of, Sam M. Walton College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX29,18669,696
Auburn University, Raymond J. Harbert College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX24,11651,500
Baylor University, Hankamer School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX68,43768,437
Bentley UniversityBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX73,91573,915
Boise State University, College of Business and EconomicsBusiness and AccountingPublicXX16,33244,432
California State University, Fullerton, Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business and EconomicsBusiness and AccountingPublicXX33,00033,000
Colorado, Denver, University of, Business SchoolBusiness and AccountingPublicXX40,25040,250
Connecticut, University of, School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX28,28365,890
Creighton University, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX
Delaware, University of, Alfred Lerner College of Business and EconomicsBusiness and AccountingPublicXX13,50018,000
Denver, University of, Daniels College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX99,91899,918
East Tennessee State University, College of Business and TechBusiness and AccountingPublicXX19,24247,070
Eastern Illinois University, School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicX13,26326,430
Florida International University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX35,00040,000
Florida State University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX21,64450,057
Florida, University of, Warrington College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX26,47361,259
George Washington University, School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX96,85596,855
Georgia Southern University, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX17,53042,370
Georgia, The University of, Terry College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX30,90067,536
Hofstra University, Frank G. Zarb School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX56,16556,165
Houston-Clear Lake, University of, School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX18,26435,664
Illinois at Chicago, University of, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX47,54472,024
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX53,65676,760
Indiana University, Bloomington/Indianapolis, Kelley School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX55,20293,122
Iowa State University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX21,90447,780
James Madison University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX
Kansas State University, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX26,68151,568
Kennesaw State University, Coles College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX18,82234,700
Louisiana Tech University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX14,64033,246
Louisiana at Monroe, University of, College of Business and Social SciencesBusiness and AccountingPublicX16,37035,125
Marshall University, Lewis College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX14,22832,204
Massachusetts, Amherst, University of, Eugene M. Isenberg School of ManagementBusiness and AccountingPublicXX29,50859,948
Memphis, University of, Fogelman College of Business and EconomicsBusiness and AccountingPublicXX22,40839,455
Miami, University of, School of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX91,74891,748
Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Bus and Eli Broad Grad School of MgtBusiness and AccountingPublicXX56,62689,790
Middle Tennessee State University, Jones College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX18,03629,396
Mississippi, University of, School of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicX17,85040,569
Missouri State University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX11,29119,739
Nebraska-Lincoln, University of, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX
New Mexico State University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX9,88230,215
New Orleans, University of, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX20,68447,562
Nicholls State University, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicX15,00032,570
North Carolina State University, Poole College of ManagementBusiness and AccountingPublicXX21,26635,440
North Carolina, University of, at Greensboro, Bryan School of Business & EconomicsBusiness and AccountingPublicXX24,07554,335
North Texas, University of, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX17,66631,054
Ohio State University, Max M. Fisher College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX62,278104,191
Ohio University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicX19,08834,872
Oklahoma State University, Spears School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX15,08641,625
Old Dominion University, Strome College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX21,39348,073
Oregon State University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX20,71533,351
Rider University, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX33,81033,810
Salisbury University, Franklin P. Perdue School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicX13,08021,750
South Alabama, University of, Mitchell College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX18,22236,444
South Carolina, University of, Darla Moore School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX43,34271,780
South Florida St. Petersburg, University of, Kate Tiedemann College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX23,36038,643
Southern California, University of, Marshall School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX116,229116,229
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, College of Business and AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX22,33343,004
Southern Mississippi, University of, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX14,68832,408
St. Joseph's University, Erivan K. Haub School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX32,14232,142
Stetson University, School of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX28,29028,290
Suffolk University, Sawyer Business SchoolBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX73,53573,535
Tennessee Tech University, College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicX18,66039,840
Tennessee at Chattanooga, University of, College of Business AdministrationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX19,34051,576
Texas at Dallas, University of, Naveen Jindal School of ManagementBusiness and AccountingPublicXX39,54368,836
Toledo, University of, College of Business and InnovationBusiness and AccountingPublicXX21,82336,805
Utah State University, Jon M. Huntsman School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX26,68543,301
Villanova University, Villanova School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPrivateXX
Washington State University, Carson College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicX22,34937,757
West Georgia, University of, Richards College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX13,02737,344
West Virginia University, College of Business and EconomicsBusiness and AccountingPublicXX26,42460,588
Western Illinois University, College of Business and TechBusiness and AccountingPublicXX13,65418,994
Western Kentucky University, Gordon Ford College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX17,91925,179
William and Mary, College of, Raymond A. Mason School of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX63,00283,914
Wright State University, Raj Soin College of BusinessBusiness and AccountingPublicXX20,21134,336

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