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Earning a humanities or liberal arts-based degree can prepare you for numerous careers. Generalized humanities degrees are available, but most students specialize in any of these, and many other fields:

  • Classical Studies: Ancient Greek and Roman theater, art, culture, history, and literature
  • Language and Literature: Writing, comparative and Western literature, rhetoric, and language
  • Linguistic Studies: Translation, linguistics, and interpretation
  • Philosophy and Ethics: Ancient and modern philosophy, argument, and ethical analysis
  • Religious Studies: Theology, religious history, and pastoral ministry
  • Performing Arts: Music appreciation and theory, drama, music, film, and the theatrical arts
  • Visual Arts: Sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, and other art forms
  • Art History: Art historians teach, manage art collections, and work at art museums. There are not necessarily considered artists

Artists can benefit greatly from formal training. Additionally, many artists benefit creatively by learning about art theory and history.

You Don’t Have to Be a Starving Artist

Students enrolled in undergraduate liberal arts degree programs are required to complete various humanities classes in history, literature, the arts, and other classes to develop well-rounded skills and knowledge. Students earning liberal arts degrees can develop skills highly sought after by employers and a better appreciation for culture and art. Many people holding liberal arts degrees find design, multimedia, entertainment, and art direction jobs. New visual arts technology has created numerous opportunities for people interested in broadcast media, web development, and video game design. Even though you may possess skills, many organizations prefer filling entry-level positions in graphic design, communications, and visual arts with individuals holding associate’s degrees.

Teaching Provides Gratification and a Steady Paycheck

Artists, musicians, and writers need consistent income while pursuing their dreams. Many resort to teaching to receive consistent pay, share their interests with others, and motivate young students while pursuing their dream careers. To teach elementary and secondary students, you must hold a bachelor’s degree, satisfy student teaching requirements, and become licensed. To teach at public schools in every state and Washington D.C. you must become licensed. During 2006, median earnings for elementary and secondary education teachers fell anywhere between $43,580 – 48,690 a year. 50 percent of public elementary and secondary school teachers are union members. To teach at a college or university you’ll be required to hold a graduate degree. Tenured professors typically hold doctorate degrees and have years of research and teaching experience.

Online Degrees in Liberal Arts & Humanities

Online degrees in liberal arts and humanities provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Classical Studies - Classical Civilization, Latin, Greek And Roman Studies, Classical Studies
English - English, English Language and Literature
General Studies - Undergraduate programs in general studies
Liberal Arts - Online Associate & Bachelor Degrees in Liberal Arts
Philosophy - Online Degrees Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Religious Studies - Divinity, Theology, Ministry, Biblical Studies, Religious Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Religion

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