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Numerous job opportunities are available for peopled interested in the hospitality and culinary industries. Available opportunities include management, caterer, head chef, and cook positions. Many organizations in these industries prefer hiring applicants with formal training completed at accredited institutions.

A Growing Industry: Hospitality Management and Culinary Careers

Job growth in the hospitality industry continues to increase worldwide. Tourism is popular in Europe, Asia, North America, and developing sections of the globe, resulting in numerous job opportunities at spas, cruise ships, luxury resorts, restaurants, and hotels.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in the culinary and hospitality industries is increasing across the United States. For example, more than 122,000 organizations nationwide offer services related to recreation, entertainment, and art, and new companies are constantly being established. It’s projected that more museums, convention centers, and stadiums will continue to be built at high rates nationwide. Workers with the right training and skills can take advantage of the job opportunities resulting from growth in these industries.

Beginning Your Culinary Career Online

Training in the culinary arts often includes research, tests, and classroom instruction prior to any kitchen training. The following are popular culinary training programs that can be completed online:

  • Culinary arts
  • Restaurant management
  • Pastries and baking
  • Food and beverage managemen

Variety: The Spice of Life and Culinary Careers

Chefs who’ve completed online training can qualify for numerous jobs after acquiring some applicable work experience. The following job opportunities are available in most areas throughout the United States in urban and rural areas:

  • Restaurant manager
  • Fine dining chef
  • Sous chef
  • Pastry chef
  • Executive chef
  • Catering director
  • Baker
  • Sommelier
  • Food and beverage director

Earning Your Way to Culinary Success

Beginning a culinary-related job following classroom training can initially be challenging and low paying. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, entry-level salaries for pastry chefs and bakers can fall below $20,000 annually. After acquiring some experience and additional training, annual earnings typically increase. During 2007, the following median salaries corresponded to these specialists:

  • $40,700 – Head cooks and chefs
  • $28,260 – Cooks employed at private residences
  • $21,960 – Restaurant cooks
  • $59,100 – Chefs employed by the federal government
  • $44,570 – Restaurant managers

Once you acquire additional work experience, it’s possible to earn more than $60,000 annually. During 2008, food service managers with earnings in the upper 25th percentile earned more than $57,000 a year.

Online Degrees in Hospitality

Explore hospitality degrees and career training programs provided by accredited colleges, universities, and vocational schools:

Hospitality Management - Associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in hotel management, food and beverage service, restaurant management, restaurant ownership and more.
Travel & Tourism - Certificates, diplomas and associate degrees in global travel, travel business management, tourism, and travel agent training.
Event Planning - Bridal consulting, wedding planning or event and meeting planning career programs.

Culinary Arts Programs

Culinary arts and cooking programs provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Culinary Arts - Chef, cooking, classical cuisine, nutrition, and culinary arts programs
Catering - business and culinary training programs in catering
Baking & Pastry - baking and pastry arts, chocolate, desserts training and more

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