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The healthcare industry is growing at an exceptional rate. There are opportunities available for spiritual and clinical specialists, and workers with degrees at every level. Likewise, since medical breakthroughs and technology continues to grow at an equally high rate, new opportunities are created daily. Since there are numerous jobs available in this industry, the most difficult part of beginning a healthcare career is selecting the right specialty.

Health Degrees from A to Z

Many healthcare jobs can be obtained with an associate’s degree or professional certificate. Many technician, massage therapy, and nursing jobs are filled with individuals who’ve completed a year to 2 years of training. Jobs requiring specialized skills, such as therapist and social worker positions, are usually filled by individuals with bachelor’s degrees. Surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals with highly specialized skills are required to earn graduate degrees. Healthcare professionals are also needed to fill administrative, research, policy, and regulatory positions. Some administrative jobs can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree, but most healthcare organizations prefer to fill these positions with individuals holding graduate degrees.

Depending on specialty, most students pursuing healthcare careers are required to complete courses in nutrition, physiology, anatomy, chemistry, biology, medical ethics, business administration, psychology, and public policy.

Online Degrees in Health

Students earning degrees through online programs determine when and where to complete courses. Many schools offer online healthcare degree programs in healthcare administration, nursing, and massage therapy. However, practitioner jobs are usually only available on campuses since extensive hands-on training is required. Certain classes in doctor training programs are occasionally available online, but those completing these programs should be prepared to study on campus and complete onsite residencies.

Career Options within Health

Through 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates growth in the healthcare industry to increase by more than 20 percent, two times the national growth average in other professions. In other words, healthcare is among the top growth industries nationwide. Improvements in medical technology and knowledge is one factor contributing to this growth, in addition to aging populations reaching retirement age requiring more medical services. Therefore, aspiring healthcare professionals intending to spend 2 to 10 years in school will find numerous job opportunities nationwide.

In addition to job opportunities, high growth rates in the healthcare industry will contribute to rising wages for medical specialists. For example, annual median earnings for nurses currently exceed $57,000, while those for anesthesiologists often exceed $250,000 annually. It’s projected as demand increases for medical services annual earnings for medical professionals will also continue to rise.

Online Degrees in Health Care

Online degrees in health care and health sciences provided by accredited universities and colleges:

LaboratoryOnline Associate, Bachelor Degree, Masters, Ph.D. Degrees and Online Certificate Programs
EMS & ParamedicEmergency Medical Science, Paramedic Science, Emergency Health Services and more
Health & Medical SciencesOnline Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs in Health and Medical Sciences
Physician AssistantOnline Associate Degree, Bachelor and Masters Degree Programs in Physician and Medical Assisting
Radiologic ScienceRadiologic Technology, Radiography, Medical Imaging and more

Online Degrees in Nursing

Online nursing degree programs provided by accredited colleges and universities:

NursingOnline Master of Science in Nursing, Forensic Nursing Certificate and more
RN to BSNOnline Degree for the Registered Nurse leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Online Degrees in Health Care Management & Administration

Online degrees in health care management and administration provided by accredited colleges and universities:

GerontologyApplied Gerontology, Geriatric Health Management, Retirement Facility Administration and more
Health Care AdministrationOnline Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees, and Online Certificate Programs
Health Information TechnologyMedical Records, Health Information Administration, Info Coding and more
MBA for PhysiciansExecutive MBA and Administration Programs

Online Degrees for Allied Health Professionals

Online degrees in allied health professions provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Alternative MedicineHerbology, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine and more
NutritionDietary Management, Nutrition and Dietetics and more
Quality Control and SafetyLoss Prevention and Safety, Industrial Technology, Hazardous Materials Management and more
PharmacyPharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy Technician and more
Social WorkClinical Social Work, Community Services, Native Human Services and more
Sports and FitnessAthletic Performance, Injury Management, Sports Medicine and more

Online Degrees in Therapy

Online degrees in health therapy provided by accredited universities and colleges:

Communication DisordersOnline degrees in Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology and more.
Occupational TherapyBachelor, Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs in Occupational Therapy.
Physical TherapyBachelor, Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs in Physical Therapy.
Respiratory TherapyCertificates, Associates, Bachelors and Masters Programs in Respiratory Therapy

Online Degrees in Dental Health

Online degree programs in dental health provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Medical and Dental AssistantOnline Bachelor Degrees in Dental Hygiene and Assisting

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