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There are numerous online industrial, civil, chemical, mechanical, and other engineering undergraduate and graduate degree programs available for working professionals or non-traditional students interested in engineering careers.

What is Engineering?

Engineers utilize scientific concepts to develop new technology, repair equipment, and resolve problems. Those specializing in construction are responsible for designing and building roads, bridges, and other infrastructure while adhering to strict safety procedures. Those specializing in manufacturing design and build sophisticated technology used to efficiently assemble heavy machinery and other products. Engineers specializing in science develop technology to improve medical treatments and scientific research.

Getting an Engineering Education

If you have interest in an engineering career or intend to earn a graduate degree in engineering, you’ll need to first decide the type of degree best suiting your career aspirations. Associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees are available in various engineering fields.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Most engineering firms only hire applicants with bachelor’s degrees in engineering. It usually takes 4 years to earn a bachelor’s degree. In the first couple years of a program students usually complete general education courses in math, science, history, etc. to develop writing and analytical skills. The remaining years are spent on major courses intended to prepare students for future careers. Although many engineering firms hire individuals with bachelor’s degrees, those with graduate degrees enhance job opportunities and earning potential.

Associate of Science in Engineering Degree

Engineers holding associate’s degrees are permitted to perform various technical tasks under strict supervision. These specialists often provide research support and administer technical duties.

Master’s Degrees in Engineering

Engineers earning master’s degrees typically do so to learn new skills and improve job opportunities. It usually takes to years to earn a master’s degree. Many universities offer online master’s degree programs in engineering since many students continue working while earning degrees to acquire work experience simultaneously.

The Engineering PhD

Engineers who conduct research and teach at colleges and universities are usually required to hold doctorate degrees. The PhD is the most advanced degree available for engineers.

Online Degrees in Engineering

Engineering degrees at all levels can be earned online. Most online schools offer numerous master’s degree programs since students with full-time jobs often return to school to obtain additional education. Many online schools design degree programs specifically for working professionals who need flexible study options to accommodate their busy schedules.

Engineering Degrees Online

Online engineering degrees provided by accredited universities and colleges:

Computer Engineering - Bachelor’s and master’s degrees
Electrical/Electronics Engineering - associate, bachelor and master’s degree programs
Software Engineering - Certificate, bachelor and master’s programs
Civil Engineering - associate degrees

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