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A college’s graduation rate is a good indicator of a college’s success as it relates to their students achieving their educational goals. A college with a lower graduation rate may be less successful at helping its students achieve their education goals than a college with a higher graduation rate.

The graduation rates listed below are provided by the College Navigator database ( from the Institute of Education Sciences, an agency within the US Department of Education. College Navigator defines graduation rate, for given year, as the percentage of full-time, first-time undergraduate students beginning a program in who graduated within 150% of the normal time required to complete a program. That means, if a program were 2 years long, a student who graduates within 3 years would be included in the graduation rate.

*Ranking by Graduation Rate, 2011

Rank College Graduation Rate
1 Champlain College 86%
2 Everglades University 65%
3 Nova Southeastern University 60%
4 Keiser University 55%
5 Rasmussen College 51%
6 Liberty University Online 50%
7 North Central University 48%
8 Grand Canyon University 47%
9 Westwood College 47%
10 Ashford University 42%
11 Kaplan University 39%
12 Western Governors University 36%
13 Post University 36%
14 Upper Iowa University 36%
15 Salem International University 35%
16 Everest University 34%
17 DeVry University 34%
18 Jones International University 30%
19 Western International University 25%
20 South University 24%
21 Bellevue University 18%
22 University of Phoenix 15%
23 Walden University no data
24 Capella University no data
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For more information regarding these rankings, we invite you to consult the in-depth documentation on our ranking methodology. Disclaimer: Many online colleges are not included in above rankings due to lack of publicly available data.

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