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Aspiring career professionals who do not have the time or desire to complete an associate or bachelor’s degree program but wish to acquire useful job skills should seriously consider earning a professional certification offered by an accredited school or college.

Online Undergraduate Certificate and Diploma Programs

If you decide to enroll in a professional certification or diploma program you’ll acquire marketable job skills. Diploma and certificate programs do not take as much time to complete as traditional college degrees, usually only a few months to a year. Today, many companies are hiring individuals who have completed online certification and/or diploma programs. In fact, many companies are now training their current employees via online certification programs.

Most certification programs require that students have a high school diploma or equivalent level of education (GED) before enrolling. Credit earned in some certification programs can be applied towards a college degree down the road. In some fields, professionals will have to complete additional licensing programs before they can begin their careers.

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An online undergraduate certificate is also very useful for enhancing an undergraduate degree, adding an additional area of expertise and credential to the student’s resumé. Some students will decide to earn a degree and professional certificate at the same time.

Schools That Offer Undergraduate Certificate and Diploma Programs

Online Graduate Certificate Programs

Working adults and aspiring career professionals who want to acquire new skills, launch a new career, or position themselves for advancement opportunities should consider enrolling in an online graduate certificate program.

Many corporations are now encouraging their employees to complete online graduate certification. In fact, some companies will pay for tuition expenses, so their employees can acquire new skills via a certification program.

Working professionals who work full-time and are also enrolled in an online graduate certificate program may feel overwhelmed, but coursework can be completed whenever they have free time. Simply completing a graduate certification program may assist a supervisor or manager seeking to climb the corporate ladder.

Schools That Offer Graduate Certificate Programs

Information Technology Certificate Programs

s technology plays a crucial role in the global economy, professionals who complete online IT certification programs will enjoy many new career and advancement opportunities. Students can complete programming, networking, web development, and database management certification programs.

Students enrolled in an IT certification program will acquire marketable knowledge and skills highly sought after by corporations worldwide. With these skills and new knowledge, graduates can increase their earning potential and career advancement opportunities.

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Schools That Offer IT Certificate Programs

Home Study, Diploma and Career Training Programs

If you’re looking to launch your own business, position yourself for career advancement opportunities, work from home, or simply learn a trade without spending months or years in the classroom, then you should look into any number of career training and diploma programs that can be earned via home study through distance learning programs.

Distance learning courses are designed to get you trained and working as quickly as possible. Whether you have 1 month or 1 year to get your new career started, a home study program can help you acquire the career and trade specific knowledge and skills required to jumpstart your career relatively quickly. Find schools offering a variety of programs in a variety of popular career fields including business, technology, electronics, healthcare, criminal justice, paralegal studies, medical transcription, and much more. Again, these programs are uniquely designed to help you get your career started as quickly as possible and on the right foot.

Schools That Offer Home Study Career Training Programs

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