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In spite of economic downturns, certain business fields are not affected, including sales, public relations, promotions, marketing, and advertising. Workers with business degrees frequently find excellent opportunities following graduation. Obtaining a business education is considered by many to be the best option for workers seeking job opportunities and security during the next 10 years.

Available Business Degrees and Career Options

Business degrees can be obtained at all levels. Students have the option of obtaining specialized or general business degrees. Most companies prefer to fill entry-level jobs with individuals holding bachelor’s degrees and promote workers with graduate degrees to management and supervisory positions. Individuals with doctorate degrees usually teach and conduct research at colleges and universities.

The following industries provide numerous opportunities for graduates of business degree programs: wholesale trade, and service, technical, scientific, and professional service fields. Graduates interested in running their own businesses often begin consulting careers. Individuals with technical skills are highly sought after by most organizations desiring to enhance media and online exposure.

Employment Outlook and Potential Salary

During 2006, the Bureau of Labor Statistics disclosed that more than 583,000 people worked in sales management, public relations, promotions, marketing, and advertising. Most of these specialists worked as sales managers. Job growth for advertising, public relations, marketing, sales management, public relations, and promotion specialists is expected to increase by 12 percent until 2016, a higher rate compared to average growth in other industries.

During 2007, median salaries corresponded to the following managers: promotion and advertising, $91,100; marketing, $113,400; sales, $106,790; and public relations, $97,170. Since they often have dynamic skills, business technology specialists usually make more money than other business specialists.

Typical Business Degree Coursework and Online Study Options

Coursework in business programs are affected by specialty. Students are typically required to complete general education courses in civics, natural sciences, and math before completing major courses. Most business students are also required to take international business, entrepreneurship, finance, macro and micro economics, and business law classes. Many juniors and seniors complete internships to obtain real-world experience prior to graduating.

Individuals with full-time jobs often earn business degrees online to continue acquiring experience while obtaining additional education. They also have the opportunity to complete courses when they want, take advantage of online support features, and complete courses quicker compared to campus study. Additionally, they can improve technical skills which are highly valued by most organizations.

Online Degrees in Accounting & Finance

Online degrees in accounting, finance and financial planning provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Accounting - Online Master’s Degree, Bachelor and Associate Degrees, and Online Certificate Programs.
Finance - Business Finance, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Insurance and more.
Financial Planning - Income Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Estate Planning, and more.
Forensic Accounting - Tax Investigations, Specialized Audits, Economic Crime Investigations, and more.
Taxation - Taxation, International Taxation, Estate Planning and more.

Online Degrees in Business

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Business Administration - Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Online Programs in Business Administration.
e-Commerce & e-Business - Electronic Business Systems and Technologies, e-commerce Project Management, and more.
Entrepreneurship & Small Business - Online Bachelor, Masters and Diploma Programs, and more.
International Business & Global Management - Global Business, International Management, and more.

Online Degrees in Management & Leadership

Online degree programs in business management and leadership provided by accredited colleges and universities:

Management - Associate, Bachelor and Graduate Online Degree Programs in management, applied management, business management, and more.
Leadership - Certificate, Bachelor and Graduate Online Degrees.
Human Resource Management - Certificate, Bachelor and Graduate Online Degrees.
Nonprofit Management - Online Certificate and Graduate Degree Programs.
Organizational Management - Certificate, Bachelor and Graduate Online Programs.
Project Management - Online Certificate, Bachelor and Master’s Degree Programs.

Online Degrees in Communications, Marketing & Sales

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Labor Relations - Collective Bargaining, Labor Relations, Compensation Management, and more.
Marketing - Online Certificate, Bachelor and Master’s Degree Programs.
Marketing & Sales - Market Research, Consumer Behavior, and more.
Public Relations - Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in public relations.

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