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Art and design programs offer a distinctive combination of business and technology instruction designed to prepare students for successful careers. Degrees in this industry can be completed through campus or distance learning programs, providing multiple options for students with family and work responsibilities. This is intensive training developed for students with various learning styles, and those interested in improving promotion opportunities at their jobs.

Available Art & Design Career Options

Many organizations actively recruit individuals with bachelor’s of fine arts (BFA) and master’s of fine arts (MFA) degrees in art and design. Although most employers prefer to fill entry-level positions with individuals holding bachelor’s degrees, those with graduate degrees demonstrate their commitment to enhancing their job skills.

The art and design industry offers diverse opportunities. Those who obtain undergraduate and graduate education will enhance their job skills and enhance their employment opportunities. Receiving formal training is one of the best ways to find job opportunities in certain fields and prepare for careers. Many graduates of art and design degree programs begin careers as:

  • Art directors
  • Craft artists
  • Fine artists
  • Multimedia artists
  • Printmakers
  • Painting restorers

Employment Outlook for Art & Design

During 2006, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 218,000 artists and related professionals were employed throughout the United States, with about 62 percent of these individuals being self-employed. Most of these specialists, more than 87,000, specialized in animation, multi-media art, and technology. Fine artists and art directors also hold numerous positions in this industry ever year. Job growth for artists and related specialists is expected to grow by 16 percent until 2016, a quicker rate than average projected growth in other fields.

Annual salaries for trained art and design specialists vary, affected by geographic region, specialty, and ability. For example, during 2007, average earnings for art directors exceeded $83,000 a year. During this same year, animators and multi-media specialists receiving salaries earned about $61,010 annually.

Typical Art & Design Coursework and Online Study Options

Most art and design degrees are specialized and liberal arts-centered. Students earning these types of degrees are typically required to complete general education courses in the natural sciences, history, English, and math. Once students begin completing courses related to their majors, they’re typically required to complete courses in drama, music, art, and programming languages.

Students earning degrees online can complete courses at their convenience. Many options are also available for students interested in completing online and campus courses. Students often opt to earn degrees online to enhance technology skills heavily sought after by employers.

The Arts

These subjects comprise the arts:

  • Applied Arts and Design – Graphic Design, Computer Arts and Design, Industrial Design, Illustration, Medical Illustration, Interior Design, Textile Design, and Photography
  • Architecture – Architecture, Architectural History, Environmental Design, Building Science, Historic Preservation, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture
  • Art – Art History, Art Therapy, Arts Administration, Museum Studies, Fine Arts, and Decorative Arts
  • Film, Video, and Television
  • Performing Arts – Theater, Music, Drama, and Dance

Online Degrees in Creative and Visual Arts

Online degree programs in creative and visual arts from accredited universities and colleges:

Animation - Computer Animation, Multimedia, Visual Effects
Fashion - Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising
Film & Television - Theater, History, Motion Pictures & Television
Graphic Design - Graphic Design, Digital Design, Graphic Arts Publishing, Graphics and Multimedia
Game Art Design - Designing Art For Video Games, Game Play Design, Background Design and Game Environments
Interior Design - Undergraduate & Diploma Programs in Interior Design
Interior Decorating - Diploma, Certificate and Degree Programs in Interior Decorating
Music - Music Education, Music Therapy, Music Technology
Photography - Fine Arts in Photography

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