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Occupational Health Nurses (OHN) specialize in workplace safety and health hazards and worker health. OHNs utilize their skills to recognize and remove safety hazards at job-sites and assist workers who’ve been injured on the job.

OHNs collaborate with companies to develop business-friendly and individualized safety programs to make sure workers are safe without interfering with efficiency. They encourage organizations to adopt cost-efficient and enhanced safety standards designed to prevent injuries and limit safety hazards.

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There are various jobs throughout many industries available for OHNs. They frequently fill positions as clinicians, case managers, teachers, consultants, and corporate directors. The following are typical OHN responsibilities:

  • Illness management
  • Environmental protection and health
  • Disaster preparation and emergency preparedness
  • Evaluation of work conditions
  • Emergency treatment for injuries and illnesses occurring at work
  • Provide workers with information about available medical services
  • Offer rehabilitation services for injured workers

OHNs meet with workers to discuss work-site injuries and subsequent emotional problems resulting from them. If needed, they refer workers to social service agencies and other organizations offering relevant services. OHNs also organize disease management and safety education programs to teach workers how to be proactive about workplace safety. Additional education programs they organize include nutrition and fitness, smoking cessation, and stress management programs.

Occupational health nurses keep tabs on workers’ health, evaluate factories and offices for potential safety and health hazards, and conduct research to learn more about work-site health risks by disseminating surveys to workers.

Companies frequently hire OHNs to enhance work-site safety, eliminate unnecessary expenses by reducing worker compensation claims, and improve the overall health and well-being of employees.

Academic Requirements
To begin an occupational health nursing career, earn a bachelor’s or graduate degree in nursing. After that, complete all the necessary requirements to become licensed as a registered nurse. Most OHNs hold graduate degrees.

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