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Nursing is one of the most rewarding and respected careers in the modern workforce. Nurses are responsible for providing care for people struggling with disease or chronic pain. You can begin a nursing career by earning a master’s degree in nursing. Numerous accredited universities offer online master’s degree programs in nursing, which can be completed at your convenience.

Many universities offer specialized nursing programs, which could include nurse practitioner, midwife, and anesthetist programs. In fact, there are more than 800 master’s degrees available in nursing throughout the United States. While enrolled in a master’s degree program in nursing, students will receive classroom and hands-on instruction. They will receive specialized instruction and be required to complete general education, statistics, and lab work credit requirements.

During 2004, there were more than 2 million nursing professionals employed throughout the United States. Nurses are usually well paid. The average salary for nursing professionals in the United States exceeds $50,000 a year. Nurses with master’s degrees usually earn more money. Although earning a master’s degree will not automatically qualify you for a high paying job, nursing is one of the most stable and fastest growing occupations nationwide, so those with the necessary training should have plenty of job opportunities to choose from.

Nursing Master’s Degree Programs

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