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Non-profit organizations are constantly recruiting qualified individuals with MBAs to manage their operations. They usually seek candidates interested in public policy or contributing to a cause that’s important to them. MBA programs with an emphasis in non-profit management do not include all the courses that make up the curriculum in traditional MBA programs. Rather, they are designed to prepare students to effectively manage non-profit organizations. Typical courses in non-profit management MBA programs include non-profit law, volunteer management, and fundraising.

Individuals aspiring for a senior-level management position with a non-profit organization improve their opportunities if they possess a graduate degree. In fact, most executive directors who receive a salary that work for non-profit organizations successfully completed graduate school. Their degrees are usually in public administration or non-profit management. Hence, even though earning a graduate degree does not guarantee a job, most non-profit organizations filling paid management positions seek candidates with graduate-level training in non-profit management.

Most entry and mid-level employees working for non-profit organizations receive modest hourly wages, but, in most cases, managers employed by non-profit groups receive good salaries, which can exceed $70,000 a year.

Non-profit Managment MBA Degree Programs

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