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Individuals successfully completing associate’s programs in either computer networking or network administration will open up doors to many opportunities in these fast growing industries. These specialists are in such demand because of the growing importance of computers in business and every day activities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that about 800,000 individuals were employed as network administration specialists during 2004. This is a great field to enter since the BLS estimates that growth in this industry will increase rapidly during the upcoming years, with some estimates over 25 percent through 2014.

In addition to experience, one of the best ways to develop computer networking skills is to complete a network administration associate’s program. For working professionals interested in this field, many programs are available online. In these programs, students will learn website management, database management, network maintenance, and how to fix common problems encountered with hardware and software. Graduates of network administration programs usually qualify for positions as Internet and database managers, network administrators, and computer support experts.

The BLS has reported that entry-level salaries for technical support and help-desk specialists can fall anywhere between $32,000-58,000 annually. Those employed as senior technical support professionals can expect to make anywhere from $48,000-63,000 annually, while network administrators can expect anywhere from $47,000-80,000 annually. Although earning a degree will not automatically qualify someone to earn a large salary, computer technology fields are rapidly growing, and there should be plenty of opportunities available for graduates.

Associate Degrees in Networking and Network Administration

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