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Green Refineries Human populations continue to grow and natural habitats and resources are becoming scarcer. As a result, trained conservation specialists are needed to work in the field of natural resources conservation. Students studying this field develop the skills and knowledge needed to begin careers within the rapidly expanding field of environmental and natural resources conservation. This major is a multi-disciplinary field combining extensive academic instruction in the conservation, natural, and social sciences with hands-on training acquired during internships, summer jobs, school projects, and volunteer work with non-profit conservation organizations. Students receive instruction in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem ecology, learn how these ecosystems can be protected, and they learn how natural resources within these ecosystems can be used by humans responsibly.

If you study natural resources and conservation, you will learn what must be done to protect natural environments. Additionally, you will learn effective strategies to develop natural resources responsibly and ways humans can enjoy outdoor recreation without harming the environment. Students also complete biology, economics, and other courses to prepare them for the challenges faced by specialists in this field.

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