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The National Ward College (NWC) is one of four schools/divisions within the National Defense University (NDU). The college is located in Washington, D.C. in the Fort Lesley M. McNair Army post and is housed in the magnificent Roosevelt Hall (a National Historical Landmark since 1972).

NWC was established in the summer of 1946 to replace the Army-Navy Staff College, its predecessor, which was founded three years early in 1943. The college is designated for mid- and senior-level military officers who are preparing for higher command positions. About three quarters of participating students come from the Army, Navy and Airforce. The remaining quarter come from other federal departments, bureaus and agencies. NWC students come from both the United States and overseas countries.

Many United States ambassadors, military officers and commanders have graduated from the National Ward College. Just of few of the college’s more well known alumni include:

  • Colin Powell (former U.S Secretary of State)
  • John McCain (U.S. Senator)
  • Welsey Clark (NATO Allied Commander)
  • Peter Pace (former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairmen)
  • L. Beach, Jr. (aid to President Kennedy)
  • Hugh Shelton (former Chairmen of Joint Chiefs of Staff)
  • etc., etc.

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