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Mobile is the third largest city in the state of Alabama. It has a population of about 197,000 and is the primary city of the Mobile metro area which has a population of roughly 420,000. However, within a radius of 60 miles from the city there are just under 1.3 million people. The city has a unique culture influenced by its French, Creole, Spanish, African and British heritage. It is well known as the city where the Mardi Gras celebration was first established.

The city has a strong economy that is driven by tourism. Popular tourist attractions include the Battleship Memorial Park (a military museum), History Museum of Mobile, Mobile Carnival Museum, and the historic Old City Hall. Thereis also public transit system which makes getting around the city quick and easy. The city is serviced by various airlines, four railroads, two major instate highways and the Wave Transit System–which include 18 routes that cover the entire city.

Four-year Colleges and Universities

Mobile is home to several four-year higher education institutions that offer various undergraduate and postgraduate education opportunities. With an annual enrollment of over 15,000, the University of South Alabama is the largest education institution in city and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The university is composed of 9 academic schools and colleges.

Another popular higher education institution in Mobile is Faulkner University. While Faulkner is based in Montgomery, it has a large branch campus in Mobile that offers four-year bachelor degree programs in various fields of study including business, human resources, and criminal justice. Two-year associate degree programs are offered in business, computer science, informatics, criminal justice, arts and science, and information science.

Founded in 1830, Spring Hill College is a four-year college owned and operated by the Jesuit sect of the Roman Catholic Church. It is the 5th oldest Catholic college in the nation. Spring Hill offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in various fields of study and career-oriented disciplines, including education, business, nursing, international studies, political science, social sciences, liberal arts and theology.

While quite a bit smaller than the University of South Alabama, the University of Mobile is another popular choice among students seeking a higher education from a reputable university. The University of Mobile is a master’s level university that is affiliated with the Baptist Church. It offers graduate-level programs in business, Christian studies, education, nursing, performing arts, and the arts and sciences.

Mobile is also home to two nationally accredited career-oriented institutions offering four-year degrees: Remington College-Mobile and ITT Technical Institute-Mobile. The Remington College campus in Mobile offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degree in various career-oriented disciplines. ITT Technical institute offers associate and bachelor degree programs in technology and criminal justice.

Two-year Colleges

Mobile is home to two two-year public community colleges and several vocational schools. Bishop State Community College is a historically black community college located in Mobile that offers two-year associate’s degrees in education, business, social sciences, health professions, humanities and natural science related fields. It also offer career-oriented technical degrees in engineering and construction, workforce development, industrial technology and transportation technology.

Other post-secondary and vocational institutions that have campuses in Mobile include Bealle School Of Real Estate, Charles Academy of Beauty Culture, American Academy of Hypnosis, Fortis College School of Cosmetology, and White and Sons Barber College.

Below you can browse profiles for the four-year colleges and universities located in Mobile, Alabama.

ITT Technical Institute-Mobile
3100 Cottage Hill Rd Bldg 3
Mobile, AL 36606
main phone: (251) 472-4760
ITT Technical Institute in Mobile, Alabama has a total enrollment of 500+ students and offers associate and bachelor degree programs in computer and information sciences, engineering technology, criminal justice and law enforcement.

Remington College-Mobile
828 Downtowner Loop W
Mobile, AL 36609
main phone: (251) 343-8200
Remington College in Mobile, Alabama has a total enrollment of over 900 students and offers certificates, associate’s, and bachelor’s degrees in business management, computer information systems, systems networking, engineering technology, drafting, health services, criminal justice and law enforcement.

Spring Hill College
4000 Dauphin Street
Mobile, AL 36608-1791
main phone: (251) 380-4000
admission phone: (251) 380-3030
admission fax: (251) 460-2186
Spring Hill College has a total enrollment of 1,500+ students and offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in a variety of fields. Majors offered at Spring Hill College include arts management, drama/theater, fine arts, graphic design, biochemistry, business administration and management, computer/information sciences, education (elementary, secondary, general and early childhood), general engineering, English, art therapy, nursing, humanities, biopsychology, philosophy, chemistry, general psychology, international relations, political science and sociology.

University of Mobile
5735 College Parkway
Mobile, AL 36613-2842
main phone: (251) 675-5990
admission phone: (251) 442-2273
admission fax: (251) 442-2498
University of Mobile has a total enrollment of 1,500+ students and offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Majors offered at the University of Mobile include a variety of visual and performing arts disciplines, biological sciences, business management, accounting, communications, teacher education (biology, elementary, history, math, music, social science, etc.), English language and literature, nursing (RN), sports medicine humanities, general studies, environmental science, physical fitness, psychology as well as variety of social science disciplines.

University of South Alabama
307 University Boulevard North
Mobile, AL 36688-0002
main phone: (251) 460-6101
admission phone: (251) 460-6141
admission fax: (251) 460-7876
University of South Alabama has a total enrollment of 13,000+ students and offers associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and first professional degree programs. University of South Alabama offers majors in a variety of areas including visual and performing arts, biological sciences, business, finane/banking, marketing management, administration, communications, education, engineering, history, liberal arts and sciences, mathematics, recreation and fitness, philosophy, physical sciences, psychology and social sciences.

Virginia College-Mobile
3725 Airport Blvd, Suite 165
Mobile, AL 36608
main phone: (251) 378-3052
Virginia College in Mobile, Alabama has a total enrollment of 700+ students and offers certificate programs and associate degrees in business management, human resources, engineering technology, drafting, health services, criminal justice, legal studies, and visual and performing arts.

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