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Media psychologists consult with companies seeking advice from expert psychologists. Media companies are constantly trying to appeal to potential consumers, so they work with psychologists to determine what appeals to them. This field is currently booming as a result of the explosion of new media technologies and bigger audiences.

Media psychologists typically hold graduate degrees. Most media psychologists do not need to become licensed since they do not administer clinical treatments. Those interested in this field should take technology, in addition to psychology classes, during undergraduate study. Aspiring media psychologists can break into this field by landing entry-level jobs with media and entertainment companies.

Media Consultant

Media consultants frequently begin their careers as media psychologists. These specialists consult with writers, directors, and producers. Since these experts understand psychology and technology and typically have experience in the media industry, they’re invaluable assets to television and movie production companies.

Marketing Director

Media psychologists with graduate-level psychology training and marketing experience are very valuable to TV and Internet marketing companies. As a result, these companies often fill marketing director jobs with media psychologists.

Media psychologists specialize in advertising since they understand how specific audiences respond to advertising. Because of the explosion of social media, most media psychologists now specialize in social networking. Marketing directors must stay up to date with marketing trends, follow competitors’ campaigns, and develop effective organizational brands.

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