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Those wanting to enhance their knowledge, make a career transition, develop new skills, or get a feel for what a MBA program is like, should consider earning a MBA certificate through an online program.

Most people can complete a certificate program in 2 months. Individuals enrolled in these certificate programs can develop a specific skill, which could include skills relating to technology or management. As mentioned, these certificate programs often serve as a testing ground for people unsure whether they want to earn a MBA. Since these programs are offered online, those with full-time jobs and family responsibilities can complete courses at their convenience.

Online certificate programs are available in advanced management strategies, leadership, international business, economics, business law, human resources, business fundamentals, risk management, and acquisitions.

Earning a MBA certificate will not always result in an instant pay raise or promotion, but in most cases, workers developing additional skills usually receive promotions and pay raises. Those being promoted as operations or general managers usually earn salaries exceeding $80,000 annually.

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