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During 2015, the average salary of those in a business occupation with a master’s degree was between $76,000 and $170,000; those with a bachelor’s degree earned between $54,000 and $90,000. According to the BLS, many of these master’s level professionals held a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

Those looking for an exciting career in a growing industry should consider earning an MBA in marketing. Aside from the higher than average salaries of those with a master’s degree, many people are drawn to a Marketing MBA because it provides a vehicle to learn the skills and gain the formal training needed to professionally utilize their creativity and strategy. Managers with MBAs frequently collaborate with other senior-level managers on important projects and implementation of strategy. They lead other marketing team members in creating strategic brand roadmaps, budgeting, forecasting, proposals, execution, and reporting.

Students who are enrolled in MBA programs will be introduced to the following concepts: communication strategies, leadership theories, recognizing consumer trends, marketing strategies and theories, and principles of management. Many marketing MBAs obtain senior-level management, public relations, and higher level marketing positions.

Earning an MBA in marketing will not automatically guarantee someone a high paying job, but most companies do value employees who have master’s degrees and have the formal training to develop innovative marketing strategies around a product or service.

If you are interested in pursuing an MBA, you may consider doing an online MBA program. Online MBA programs allow you to complete your MBA courses at your convenience and may allow you to continue working full-time in your current job.



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