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Newer technologies, especially smart phones and the Internet, have reinvigorated the marketing industry. Companies still rely on traditional marketing mediums to promote their products and services, but many companies are looking to expand their customer base through utilizing social networking and marketing via the Internet. Companies that market usually generate more revenue than companies not making an effort to reach potential customers. Because of the importance of marketing, companies are always looking for talent that can help them reach their sales goals. The first step towards a marketing career often begins by enrolling in an online marketing associate’s program.

Through the course of a marketing associate’s program, students will learn how to target potential consumers and appropriately respond to consumer trends. They will also learn how to pinpoint trends and develop the skills to make educated predictions. Common curriculum making up marketing programs includes sociology, accounting, business management, and economics.

Those successfully completing a marketing associate’s program will develop improved communication skills, enhance their creativity, and understand how to organize electronic data using computer technology. Many graduates of these programs find entry-level jobs working in public relations, company promotions, and marketing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the median annual salary for marketing managers during 2010 was just under $90,000. Most promotions and advertising managers enjoy annual salaries above $65,000.

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