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With about 3,690 year round residents, Marion is one of the smallest cities in the state of Alabama. Despite its size, Marion is often referred to as the “Athens of the South” since a relatively large number of higher education institutions have been founded in the small city.

One of the first higher education institutions to be founded in Marion was Judson College, first known as the Judson Female Institute–a women’s college. Judson College is one of the oldest all female colleges in the United States and is affiliated with the Alabama Baptist Convention. With just over 330 students Judson is a fairly small school. It offers four-year bachelor’s degrees in liberal arts as well as several pre-professional programs.

Marion Military Institute (MMI), was founded in Marion in 1842 and to this day remains in the same location as the official military college for the state of Alabama. It is also the oldest miltary junior college in the United States. MMI has a long and well deserved reputation for providing exceptional education programs for young men and women, designed to prepare them for successful careers in both military and civilian life. MMI focuses not only on acheiving academic excellence but helping its students to develop physically, mentally, socially and morally.

Howard College the predecessor of Samford University was founded in Marion in 1842 and later (in 1887) relocated to Birmingham. The Lincoln Normal School, a historically black African American school, was also established in Marion in 1867. Following a large fire in 1870 which destroyed most of the campus, the school was moved to Montgomery where it later became Alabama State University.

Below you can explore profiles for the four-year colleges and universities located in Marion, Alabama.

Judson College
302 Bibb Street
Marion, AL 36756
main phone: (334) 683-5100
admission phone: (334) 683-5110
admission fax: (334) 683-5282
Judson College has a total enrollment of 300+ students and offers bachelor’s degree programs. The college offers majors in generl art and music, biology, business administration/management, education (several specialties), English language and literature, foreign language, history. mathematics, religion, chemistry, psychology and law enforcement administration.

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