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Students who study legal studies as
undergraduates learn about the legal
system, legal institutions, and legal
theory. This major is centered around the
view that studying law and justice is
humanistic in nature and will encourage
others to live by and promote the
fundamental values the legal system is
built upon. This is a liberal arts program
typically administered by the College of
Letters and Science but supervised by
faculty members of the law school.

Legal studies courses cover the philosophy
of law, non-western legal traditions,
American legal history, the criminal
justice process, politics and law,
property law, and economic regulation.
These courses are typically taught by
professors with social science,
humanities, and legal backgrounds.

Legal studies programs are not designed to
prepare potential law students, nor are
they designed to train paralegals. Law
schools do not encourage potential
students to choose specific undergraduate
majors. However, students who study legal
studies typically develop excellent
analytical and critical thinking skills.
Schools utilize a multidisciplinary
approach to introduced students to various
institutions, theories, and human
behaviors. Aspiring law students
frequently select this major to receive a
liberal arts education and the
accompanying benefits.

Select a concentration below to explore
various legal studies majors and view
colleges and universities offering majors
and degree programs in pre-law, law, legal
research, health law intellectual property
law, corporate law, paralegal studies,
legal support, tax law and more.

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