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Since technology has altered how commerce is conducted, more companies are taking efforts to protect their computer networks and information systems. As a result, demand for qualified information technology (IT) specialists has exploded. People interested in computer technology with a desire to improve sensitive data can begin a career in IT security by enrolling in a bachelor’s program in IT security offered online.

Most students enrolled in online IT security bachelor’s programs are required to complete courses in computer science, programming languages, computer networking, database management, data collection, and courses where students will learn about computer viruses and other online threats.

Growth in the IT security industry is expected to increase at a high rate in the upcoming future. Since more companies are concerned with network and IT security, qualified IT security professionals should find plenty of job opportunities for the next 10 years. During 2004, the median salary for IT security experts was a little more than $40,000 a year. There are no guaranteed jobs or salaries, but IT security specialists should not have difficulty finding good jobs.

IT Security Bachelor Degree Programs

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