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The pase of international business has grown dramatically over the last decade. As a result, most business schools today offer courses, if not specialized tracks of study, in international business. International business covers a wide arrary of career opportunities. Some professionals work domestically for U.S. corporations that have overseas corporations, while others work overseas as expatriates–rarely returning to the U.S. Most professionals involved in international business fall into the first category, or will make occasional trips abroad for short periods of time.

The most common pathway to a career in international business is landing a job with a multinational or global corporation, and then working your way up the ladder. If you’re interested in working abroad for extended periods of time, there are three strategies you can employ.

  • Find a job as an expatriate. Again, an expatriate is a U.S. citizen that is permamently deployed overseas. If there’s a certain country you want to work in, your best bet is to first obtain a work visa for that country, as it can be difficult and time consuming for corporations to find individuals with the necessary work permits once a position becomes available. In recent years the number of companies hiring expatriates has been on the decline due to difficulty in obtaining work visas (and because employing expatriates can be expensive).
  • Get hired as an inpatriate. Inpatriates, more commonly referred to as inpats, are foreign nationals living in the U.S. who relocated to work in their country of origin. This is an attractive proposition to U.S. companies for two reasons. First, inpats don’t require work visas or permits, and second, inpats are typically paid with local currency (which more often than not is less expensive than paying with U.S. currency).
  • Seek employment as a third country national (TCN). While less common, this strategy can also lead to overseas employment and career opportunities. Third Country Nationals (TCNs) are foreign nationals living in the United States that are hired by a U.S. firm to work in another country (but not in their country of origin). Sometimes the area of operation is close to and shares cultural similarites to the TCN’s country of origin.

Whichever path you pursue, having a good education from a reputable school will go a long way to helping you achieve your end goal. Majoring or earning a degree in international business prepares students to manage international businesses and/or business operations. A degree program in international business typically includes in depth instruction in the principles and processes of trade controls, export sales, foreign operations and related problems, international business policy, monetary issues, and applications to doing business in specific countries and markets.

Below is a comprehensive list of the colleges and universities providing majors and degree programs in International Business.

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