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One of the fastest growing computer technology fields is information systems (IS). There are many online master’s degree programs in information systems available for people interested in beginning a career in this rapidly changing industry. Those with full-time jobs and family responsibilities can complete courses at their convenience in an online program.

Those holding a master’s degree in IS fill numerous management positions in the IS industry. IS managers are responsible for overseeing the IS and information technology a company utilizes in its business operations. They are often asked to update their companies’ technology infrastructure and make changes to their websites. Many larger companies have multiple IS departments, including network security, project management, and other sub-departments. IS managers are often hired to run these sub-departments.

Students enrolled in master’s degree programs in information systems will learn how these systems function, their purpose, and how they can be utilized to improve operational efficiency. They will also be taught how to manage employees and teams.

Job growth is increasing at a rapid rate in the IS industry. Adding to the attractiveness of this industry is the large salaries qualified IS managers are usually paid. The median salary for IS managers exceeds $90,000 a year.

Master’s degree programs in Information Systems

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