Masters Degree in Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

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Many people working in manufacturing do not have graduate degrees, so individuals holding them can improve their job opportunities and position themselves for a management promotion. People currently working in manufacturing jobs can continue to work full-time and earn a master’s degree in manufacturing by enrolling in an online program.

Manufacturing managers are responsible for supervising employees and making sure quality products are manufactured in a cost effective and efficient manner. In other words, they are responsible for supervising floor production, which means they must monitor equipment for technical problems, keep track of available raw materials, and direct employees on the factory floor. They must also effectively utilize their human capital by recognizing the talents of their employees and assigning them to work in the place where their talents will be maximized. Manufacturing managers are also responsible for quality control.

While enrolled in a master’s degree program in manufacturing, students will be required to complete classes in engineering, human resources management, and business management. After graduating, managers will have the skills necessary to manufacture good products quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Job growth is slow or declining for most American manufactures, which means competition for management jobs should be intense. The median salary for manufacturing managers exceeds $75,000 annually.

Manufacturing and Industrial Technology Masters Degrees

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