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Industrial managers have many responsibilities, which includes working with unhappy union members, overseeing a manufacturer’s production, and supervising employees on a factory floor. One of the best ways to prepare for a career in industrial management is to earn an MBA in industrial management.

Students enrolled in MBA programs in industrial management will learn how to effectively manage a manufacturing company, and they will also receive basic instruction in business administration. The following are common courses included in the program curriculum: labor relations, health and safety protocols, manufacturing systems research, and manufacturing operations management.

Those considering a MBA program in industrial management should be aware that it usually requires about two years to successfully complete one. Most students are required to complete an internship and large project. Many accredited universities offer MBAs in industrial management online. Some of these programs can be completed in a year and a half, but these programs are usually more rigorous.

Upon graduation, most industrial managers receive pay increases and improved job opportunities. In some cases, managers receive a 50 percent pay increase. Many workers receive management promotions right out of business school.

Since manufacturing is on the decline within the United States, competition for industrial management jobs is intense. However, potential managers with MBAs can set themselves apart from other candidates.

Industrial and Operations Management MBA Programs

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