Improving Memory by Improving Concentration

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It’s ineffective to enhance memory while neglecting to improve concentration. Follow these steps to improve concentration:

Basics of Improving Concentration

1. Study in areas exclusively designated for studying

A. Study in libraries, quiet rooms, and other distraction-free areas. It’s hard to concentrate in noisy and busy areas. Avoid studying in areas where friends congregate.

B. Avoid socializing, browsing the Internet, and other activities in your designated study areas. You want your study areas to be exclusively for studying. Participating in non-study related activities could break your routine.

C. Designated study areas should possess the following:

  • Good ventilation and lighting
  • A large desk where all study materials can be placed on
  • Outlets for laptop computers
  • A sturdy chair that is difficult to sleep in

D. Do not study in areas with the following:

  • Phones or other loud electronic devices
  • Televisions and radios
  • Refrigerators
  • Windows with views of areas where social activities take place

2. Focus on goals that can be achieved within short timeframes

A. Refrain from setting unrealistic goals. For example, instead of planning to spend all weekend studying, schedule a few hours on Saturday to study. Students with unrealistic goals often complete a small portion of what they set out to finish.

B. Have specific objectives to complete while studying. For example, plan to work through 5 math problems, read set number of pages, conduct set hours of research, etc.

C. Define study objectives before study sessions. You’ll accomplish a lot more this way.

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