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Students earning bachelor’s degrees in the humanities and liberal arts receive a broad education where they can improve their critical thinking and analytical skills. Students pursuing this degree will be required to complete cultural studies, theoretical analysis, foreign language, and communication courses. Those opting to earn a degree via an online program can continue to work and attend to family duties. Graduates from liberal arts undergraduate programs can be found working as doctors, lawyers, and business professionals.

The curriculum in most liberal arts and humanities programs includes classes in art history, foreign languages, philosophy, history, English, and numerous other subjects. Students enrolled in liberal arts programs take courses in political science, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Whichever type of program students select, they must complete general education and major credits.

Students develop highly marketable job skills while completing liberal arts or humanities bachelor’s programs. Graduates from these programs can find jobs with government agencies, marketing firms, media companies, schools, and numerous other types of businesses. In many cases, graduates go on to enter business, medical, or law school.

Wages differ in each industry; however, earning a bachelor’s degree via an online program will enhance your job opportunities. Earning a bachelor’s degree will not automatically qualify you for a high paying job, but college graduates earn more during their working lives than those with only a high school diploma.

Bachelor Degree Programs in Liberal Arts and Humanities

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