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The field of human services emerged in the
United States during the 1950’s. The push
to deinstitutionalize individuals with
mental illness was one of the main
impetuses for this movement. There was a
push to integrate mentally ill people
within society rather than keep them
secluded from others in mental hospitals.

As more mentally ill individuals were
integrated within society, demand for
specialists who could assist them
increased. The National Institute of
Mental Health provided financial support
for the first associate’s program in human
services during the mid-1950’s to train
mental health specialists.

This field continues to be one of the most
rapidly expanding fields in term of job
growth nationwide. Human service
specialists are employed in various
settings, including schools, state
agencies, and substance abuse
rehabilitation clinics. In these settings,
human service specialists fill various
roles, which could include managers,
counselors, and program development
specialists. The human services major was
developed so students can develop skills
and knowledge to attend graduate school,
work as social workers, and fill various
roles at government agencies and substance
abuse rehabilitation facilities.

Select a concentration below to explore
various human services majors and view
colleges and universities offering majors
and degree programs in community advocacy,
public administration and policy, health
policy social work, international policy
analysis, youth services and more.

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