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A company’s most important asset is its employees. As a result, companies heavily rely upon human resources specialists to find the most qualified people to fill job openings. Human resources specialists also have administrative, strategic planning, and other responsibilities. Because human resources specialists play such a vital role for each organization, many companies are willing to pay qualified and skilled professionals high salaries.

Most organizations seek to fill entry-level human resources positions with people holding bachelor’s degrees in human resources. Students enrolled in human resources programs will be required to complete courses in business management, quantitative analysis, data management, and organizational structure. They will also take courses acquainting them with labor law, workplace safety, and employee training and benefits. Graduates of human resources programs will develop the analytical and problem solving skills necessary to participate with management in strategic planning sessions.

Human resources professionals working in entry-level positions usually make between $35,000-40,000 a year. During 2004, the median salary for human resources specialists was just over $66,000. Since better than average growth is projected in this industry, there should be plenty of opportunities for those holding bachelor’s degrees in human resources.

Human Resources Bachelor Degree Programs

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