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If you want a career managing a 5-star hotel or organizing activities at an exclusive, tropical island resort, consider enrolling in an online hospitality management associate’s program. It’s very advantageous to complete an online program since you’ll be able to keep your current full-time job and acquire work experience while finishing your education. Likewise, it’s beneficial to obtain experience in any field relating to nutrition, event planning, marketing, supply purchase, and facility management.

Graduates of hospitality management programs often find jobs as assistant managers once they’ve successfully completed their programs. In many industries, it’s difficult to qualify for jobs with the types responsibilities assistant managers have right out of college. There are jobs available with casinos, hotels, convention centers, tourism companies, and restaurants for graduates of hospitality management programs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth at hotels should increase by just under 20% through 2014. In other words, growth in hospitality management related fields should grow at a quicker rate than growth in many other industries. After developing some experience and learning more about the hospitality industry, it’s possible to obtain a senior-management position at an exclusive hotel or resort.

Hospitality Management Associate Degree Programs

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