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The growing complexity of law enforcement
is forcing potential law enforcement
specialists to earn advanced degrees to
qualify for entry-level jobs. Many police
training academies, in addition to most
state and federal law enforcement
agencies, only admit and hire individuals
who hold an associate’s degree at a
minimum. It’s expected that most will
require bachelor’s degrees in the near

Fortunately, demand for educated police
officials has increased at the same pace
as job growth in this field. Many law
enforcement specialists are obtaining
associate and bachelor’s degrees prior to
beginning their careers. They’re also
completing online and night classes to
learn new skills in this rapidly evolving

Students who earn law enforcement college
degrees learn the skills and knowledge
necessary to understand and work within
the criminal justice system, which
enhances their job opportunities upon

Select a concentration below to explore
various law enforcement, homeland security
and fire prevention majors and view
colleges and universities offering majors
and degree programs in corrections,
criminal justice, criminalistics,
forensics, fire fighting, crisis
management and more.

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