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People often study history because they
enjoy it, but they also develop important
skills and insights that can be used to
better understand the world. It is an
important part of understanding the
context which we live in. History is a
broad field of study. History majors study
various other disciplines since history
overlaps with many fields. Historians
focus on how events, ideas, and historical
developments interrelate. History is an
ideal major for students interested in a
liberal arts education.

Most history majors do not become
historians. They typically become
librarians, teachers, attorneys, business
professionals, writers, and researchers.
Leaders in all professions, including the
arts and business, attribute their success
to the skills and knowledge they developed
while studying history.

Select a concentration below to explore
various history majors and view colleges
and universities offering majors and
degree programs in American History,
History and Philosophy of Science,
European History, Asian History, Military
History and more.

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