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Those interested in acquiring a well-rounded medical and health education can obtain one by earning a bachelor’s degree in health sciences. Health sciences graduates have various career options they can pursue after graduation. Those with experience in medical related fields or previous formal medical training are often permitted to substitute work experience and prior training in place of certain required credits.

Students enrolled in online health sciences bachelor’s programs are required to take various science, (including biological, behavioral, and social science), liberal arts, and basic health courses. Although this program is broad, students can enroll in a program with special emphasis placed on healthcare administration, research, respiratory therapy, and health education.

Graduates entering the workforce should not lack job opportunities since it has been projected that growth in health sciences related industries should near 30 percent for the next 10 years. Opportunities can be found with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance companies, community health organizations, and healthcare clinics. Those desiring better job opportunities often decide to earn graduate degrees. Many people with graduate degrees find jobs as healthcare administrators, physical therapists, and public health educators. Salaries differ in each health science related field; however, most people working in the health sciences are well compensated since there is currently huge demand for people working in public health.

Health Sciences and Healthcare Bachelor Degrees

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