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Individuals graduating with associate’s degrees in health sciences have an array of potential careers they can pursue upon graduation, including teaching, physical therapy, fitness training, medical record administration, and healthcare facility management. Many people decide to pursue careers working as health and safety inspectors, while other with training in the health sciences decide to spend their careers working with disabled and elderly people in their homes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected that job growth in health science related industries should grow at a quicker rate than average expected growth in other industries until 2016.

Students enrolled in health sciences associate’s programs will be required to complete courses in chemistry, biology, bio and medical ethics, and healthcare policy. Those enrolling in health science programs should determine their specialty before selecting a career path since this will often determine the type of classes to sign up for. For example, those wanting to work as personal trainers should enroll in health, nutrition, exercise, and physiology classes.

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