Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration

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Since the healthcare industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, there are great job opportunities available for qualified healthcare administrators. Those currently with full-time jobs can make the move towards a career in healthcare administration by earning an online master’s degree in healthcare administration. Most organizations that hire healthcare administrators seek candidates with an advanced degree and experience.

Many healthcare administrators with master’s degrees eventually receive senior-level management promotions. The curriculum in most healthcare administration master’s degree programs covers the following topics:

  • Healthcare facility operations
  • Finance
  • Managed care
  • Marketing
  • Organizational planning
  • Healthcare policy
  • Communication

Many universities offer specialized master’s degree programs in healthcare administration that can be completed online.

Aspiring healthcare administrators with master’s degrees can find jobs with physicians’ clinics, outpatient centers, general care hospitals, oncology or other specialized care hospitals, and community health centers. Healthcare administrators are usually well paid. During 2008, the median salary range for healthcare administrators fell anywhere between $80,000 to 142,000 dollars a year.

Master’s degree programs in Healthcare Services Administration

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