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Since more companies rely on their websites, video technology, and computer graphic design technology to market their products and services, job growth in the graphic design industries is expected to increase steadily during the foreseeable future. In fact, graphic design specialists have better job prospects than design professionals in other industries. Individuals aspiring to a career as graphic design specialists can develop the knowledge and skills in a graphic design associate’s program offered online.

Most of the courses making up the curriculum in graphic design associate’s programs have real-world applications, including digital image alteration, multi-media applications, visual communications, animation, web development, typography, and computer graphic design.

Those successfully completing graphic design associate programs can find numerous entry-level positions with various media and other companies. These include drafting and assistant jobs with graphic design specialists. However, those wanting to acquire more education can transfer earned credits towards a bachelor’s degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) documented that graphic designers landing entry-level jobs averaged $36,000 annually during 2010. This figure steadily increases after more experience is acquired in the industry. In fact, it’s not uncommon for experienced graphic designers to earn $100,000 dollars or more annually. Graduates of graphic design programs will not be guaranteed large salaries or even jobs; however, those successfully completing these programs will develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful graphic design career.

Associate Degree Programs in Graphic Design

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