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Many companies in the United States have expanded their operations to foreign countries. They hire foreign workers, conduct business with foreign vendors, and sell products to consumers in foreign markets. Companies refusing to expand in foreign markets can miss out on potential customers.

Those successfully completing MBA programs in global management will be ready to manage companies expanding their operations overseas. Through the course of these programs students will complete courses where they will learn how to effectively manage resources and people in foreign countries.

Most students enrolled in MBA programs in global management will be required to complete courses in supply-chain management, communications, international marketing, international operations management, and cultural understanding.

Companies already conducting business in foreign countries or those looking to expand in overseas’ markets heavily recruit skilled global management professionals. These specialists understand how to effectively manage a business, but they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to supervise operations in foreign markets. Because of globalization, international managers will be in high demand through the near future.

Many global management specialists find jobs as corporate resources managers, international call center managers, purchase agents, and international managers. Salaries differ in each industry. For example, the median salary for purchasing agents exceeds $80,000 a year, while the median salary for those managing call centers located in foreign countries is about $60,000 a year. However, season global managers working in upper management can make well over $100,000 a year.

MBA degree programs in Global Management

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