Best Geriatric Medical Schools of 2012-2013

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Geriatric Medical School Rankings

RankNameAnnual TuitionEnrollment
1Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, MD$39,500480
2University of California–Los Angeles (Geffen) – Los Angeles, CAN/A In-state,
$12,250 Out-of-state
3Duke University – Durham, NC$42,700420
4University of Washington – Seattle, WA$21,000 In-state,
$50,000 Out-of-state
5University of Michigan–Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor, MI$27,300 In-state,
$43,600 Out-of-state
6Harvard University – Boston, MA$42,500705
7University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA$36,750 In-state,
$40,750 Out-of-state
8University of California–San FranciscoN/A In-state,
$12,200 Out-of-state
9Yale University – New Haven, CT$43,800400+

* College rankings based on editor generated composite of major ranking indices.

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