Bachelor Degree in Video Game Design

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The video game industry is very popular within the United States. In fact, it’s now a billion dollar industry. Since many consumers are now buying gaming systems and video games, there are many jobs available for people interested in working in game software development. Those who enjoy gaming, possess creativity, and enjoy learning more about computer technology should consider earning a bachelor’s degree in game software development through an online program. Students enrolled in these programs will learn about software troubleshooting, game prototyping, and graphic design.

Graduates from game software development programs can find opportunities working as engine programmers, (individuals responsible for developing software), artificial intelligence programmers, (individuals responsible for developing the human characteristics of video game characters), and graphic artists.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has not released information about the salaries of game software developers, but median salaries for most software developers usually falls between $62,000-73,000 a year. Those with degrees are not guaranteed jobs or high salaries, but most companies developing video games and related technology will only hire people with bachelor’s degrees in game software development.

Video Game Design and Development Bachelor Degrees

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