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Uncontrollable wildfires throughout California in recent years is proof of the importance of having an adequate number of qualified firefighters ready at all times to extinguish fires. Those interested in keeping their full-time jobs while pursuing firefighting careers can enroll in an online fire science associate’s programs. Many programs offer specializations in fire suppression and prevention.

Students enrolled in fire science associate’s programs are required to complete courses covering fire rescue procedures, fire prevention and suppression technology, and local, national, and international fire codes. In addition to classroom learning, students will participate in hands-on training to prepare them for this physically demanding career, which may include practicing techniques for extinguishing fires on high-rise buildings.

Individuals successfully completing fire science programs can find entry-level jobs operating pumps, handling hazardous compounds, and investigating fires. Many people starting in entry-level positions eventually receive management-level promotions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that job growth for firefighting related jobs is projected to increase quicker than average growth in other industries until 2016. One of the many perks of being a firefighter is the generous benefits most departments provide their employees. It’s not uncommon for firefighters to be provided with paid holidays, sick and vacation leave, and health insurance. Graduates of fire science programs are not promised with jobs or a certain salary, but during 2010, median wages per hour for firefighters was a little more than 18 dollars.

Fire Science Associate Degree Programs

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