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Although most artists rely on their natural talents to create art, online master’s degree programs in fine arts are available for those wanting to fine-tune their skills and expand their knowledge. People with varying artistic talents, including photographers, painters, and sculptors, earn master’s degrees in fine arts.

More opportunities exist in fine arts related fields than one would expect. Jobs are available with design firms, large corporations with art divisions, photography studios, publishing companies, and art galleries. Many create their own opportunities by opening their own studios or selling art from their homes.

The majority of artists run their own businesses. While enrolled in an online master’s degree program in fine arts, students receive classroom instruction and hands-on learning experiences. Many people with master’s degrees in fine arts eventually get hired as art teachers, illustrators, and art directors. Students are often required to complete projects through the course of their graduate education, which can later be complied into art portfolios that can be shown to potential employers and gallery managers.

Job growth has been projected in careers tied to the fine arts through the near future. The most skilled and creative fine artists usually have the best job opportunities. During 2008, the median salary earned by fine artists was more than $40,000 a year. Art directors, on the other hand, earned a median salary exceeding $70,000 a year.

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