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Financial planners are responsible for developing spending plans for individuals and companies intended to maximize an investment. Those interested in becoming financial planners can bolster their career opportunities by earning a MBA in financial planning. Students enrolled in these programs are required to complete courses in finance, accounting, tax law, and investment strategy. Many MBA programs in financial planning are specifically designed for people wanting to work exclusively with individuals.

Students in the process of earning a MBA in financial planning receive instruction in both investment strategy and business administration. Curriculum specifically tied to this specialty includes retirement planning, finance, tax and portfolio management, statistics, risk management, and policies relating to financial planning.

Numerous accredited universities offer MBA programs in financial planning that can be completed online. This makes it possible for working professionals to continue working full-time while earning a MBA. Additionally, students can apply what they learn through the course of a MBA program to current problems they are dealing with at work.

Many graduates of MBA programs in financial planning obtain management jobs as chief financial officers. In fact, most high paying senior-level management jobs are filled by candidates with MBAs. The median salary for financial planning specialists is a little more than $60,000 a year. Earning a MBA in financial planning will not automatically qualify one for a high paying job, but most graduates of MBA programs earn 30 percent more of what they earned during their pre-MBA days.

Graduate and MBA degree programs in Financial Planning

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