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Those wanting to work in the most glamorous cities in the trendy fashion industry can make a great living in fashion design and merchandising. Although you must be creative to work in fashion design, most companies within this industry only hire people with bachelor’s degrees in fashion design or merchandising. While enrolled in these programs, students will learn about the individual qualities of different types of fabrics and how to recognize trends. Those successfully completing these programs will leave with the expertise and skills necessary to succeed in fashion related fields.

Students enrolled in fashion design and merchandising programs will also learn business fundamentals, in addition to fashion design. Most students are required to complete computer assisted design, pattern making, tailoring and sewing, technology, and business management classes. Many people decide to specialize in specific fashion genres, which could include casual or formalwear.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that more jobs in fashion are available with companies that design and manufacture clothing marketed towards middle-class individuals. This type of clothing is usually sold at retail chain stores. Most fashion design professionals are usually well paid for their knowledge and skills since the median salary in this industry is more than $50,000 annually. It’s not uncommon for fashion design professionals to make more than $100,000 a year.

Fashion Design & Merchandising Bachelor’s Degrees

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