Experimental Psychologist

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Experimental psychologists (A.K.A. research psychologists), are experts in human behavior, thinking, and learning. They closely monitor human reactions to various tests while conducting experiments. Experimental psychologists often specialize in perceptual processes, neurology, sensation, memory retention, motivation, and thought. Many experimental psychologists participate in memory loss research.

Research psychologists test humans and animals in controlled environments to conduct research. Non-profit organizations, government agencies, and universities commission these studies. Those employed as researchers at universities also usually have teaching responsibilities.

Training and Education

Most research psychologists have master’s degrees in this or a similar field. Research psychologists with PhDs usually conduct research. Most research psychology PhD programs only admit students with master’s degrees in psychology.

Research psychologists working for research or consulting firms, and those with private practices must become state licensed. Requirements differ by state, but all state licensing boards administer a test that must be passed. In some states, research psychologists are required to complete continuing education courses to remain licensed.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of psychology will grow by 12 percent through the foreseeable future. Growth will be attributed to increased demand for professional counseling services and new research. Psychologists with PhDs enjoy better job opportunities and make more money.

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